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Artifact in hot summer -- ice fabric

I believe everyone has bought the ice feeling fabric that has been on fire all summer. Such as ice gloves, ice vest, ice underwear and so on. Fabrics that can bring a cool feeling in summer are welcomed by everyone.
The cool feeling of the fabric actually reflects the good thermal conductivity of the fabric, and the ice feeling fabric also uses this principle, mainly in three ways.
The first is to improve the fiber yarn of the oppsite material. The heat conduction rate of different materials is different. Sheep will certainly not wear it in summer, and the heat conduction rate of cotton fiber is not good. More because the cotton fiber is empty under the microscope. The cotton fiber is more like a straw, which accumulates a lot of air, and the air is a bad conductor of heat, Therefore, cotton padded clothes are also a sharp tool to keep warm in winter.
The second method is to coat materials with fast heat conduction rate. Silicone oil is commonly used. The heat conduction rate of oil materials is much better than that of fiber. At the same time, liquid silicone oil can wet each pore of fiber, so as to reduce the obstruction of air in fiber gap to heat conduction performance. However, this method requires a lot of silicone oil to be reproduced, which greatly increases the product cost; Another main function of silicone oil is to bring a soft and smooth feel. If it is a fabric with specific requirements for hand feel, it is not applicable.
The last method is to change the moisture absorption and evaporation rate of the fabric to realize the function of ice feeling fabric. Now the fitness concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It has higher requirements not only for fitness equipment, but also for fitness clothes. The quick drying clothes worn for fitness are made of moisture absorption and quick drying surface materials. This fabric is a compsite fabric with two-layer structure.