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Anti allergy hyaluronic acid spandex

Hyaluronic acid fabric is to attach hyaluronic acid molecules to silk fibers by means of fabric finishing and dip rolling, so that the fabric also has the functions of nourishing, moisturizing and conditioning.
Hyaluronic acid fabric not only has the moisture absorption and air permeability of mulberry silk, but also can prevent the loss of skin moisture. It has the functions of shrinkage and moisturizing, and can achieve the effect of lasting moisturizing and nourishing. Because of the special texture of hyaluronic acid fabric, preservatives and defoamers do not need to be added in the process of Jihad, so it is more environmentally friendly to use.
Different from ordinary skin care hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid combined with mulberry silk will make the skin more gentle and safe, reduce irritation to the skin and reduce the pssibility of allergy.
Silk is the most skin friendly natural fiber and the most suitable fabric for the skin. This material is smooth and breathable, and has little friction with the skin. It will also be very comfortable to wear in hot summer. Ordinary chemical fiber fabrics may cause skin allergy and discomfort, but real silk will not. If you choose hyaluronic acid fabrics, it will increase a skin care effect.
Under the high temperature in summer, the moisture content of the cuticle of the naked skin increased by 9% after being covered with hyaluronic acid silk for 1 hour. Using hyaluronic acid fabric in summer can increase the moisturizing degree of the skin, and the skin will become moist and tender.
Hyaluronic acid fabric is best used to make covers, so that you can feel more comfortable when you sleep.