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Zhongshan fabric processing factory recognized Daxing zhenzhi strength

Since entering a new period, domestic textile products are also rapidly updated with the development of the economy, the market for a variety of new products or innovative textile fabrics continue to appear, of which non-woven fabrics is a more representative of a class of products. From being developed to between, this fabric has existed for decades, with the refinement of the application also appeared many different subdivision types of non-woven material.

What is a nonwoven product?

Before you can figure out what types of nonwovens there are, you need to understand what they are. This material is also called nonwoven by many people in the industry, because it is formed without the need for spinning and weaving processes, but only through the mis-ordering of short fibers by specific equipment to form a woven product. At present, this product is widely used in the market. Because of its good cleanliness and wear resistance, it can be used as wiping cloth for high-end instruments.

What kinds of nonwovens are there?

Many decades have passed since the product was developed, and there are many different subdivisions on the market due to different weaving methods and functions. From what we know on the market today, they can be broadly divided into eight categories, including spunlace, wet lamination and spunbond.

What points should I pay attention to when selecting?

Because there are so many different types of nonwoven products on the market, the characteristics of each one are still quite different. It is important for purchasers to be clear about the types of nonwovens in advance, and then understand which characteristics of the material they actually need, so that they can better pick the right product.