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Jiangmen ice fabric wholesale manufacturers choose Daxing zhenzhi price concessions

Ice fabric is a kind of fabric made of special fiber material, which has the characteristics of "cold feeling" and "breathability", so it is widely used in summer clothes. Now more and more brands are starting to use this fabric to produce clothes, let's talk about what kind of clothes ice fabric is suitable for.

First of all, short-sleeved T-shirt is the most classic ice fabric clothing. Because ice fabric is breathable and breathable ventilation, so wearing such T-shirts can quickly absorb the body sweat and instantly emitted, so that you do not feel uncomfortable humidity.

Next is the skirt. With the arrival of summer, the clothes worn become lighter and looser, especially skirts. Ice fabric skirts leave a comfortable, light and fashionable feeling, especially for playing or exercising outdoors.

Then there are shirts. Ice shirts are especially comfortable in the hot summer months, not only are they breathable, but they also have anti-bacterial and anti-odor features, making them a one-stop dressing solution for summer. And it has not only casual styles, but also more formal professional models, suitable for the daily dress code of office workers.

The last thing to mention is sportswear. Sportswear should be the most important to keep dry and breathable. Therefore, when using sportswear made of ice-sensitive fabric, it is very breathable and allows for a stress-free exercise experience. Sports pants and sports undershirts made of this fabric are perfect for outdoor sports in summer.

In short, ice-sensitive fabrics have many advantages and their styles are very rich and suitable for the production of all kinds of clothes. When you are buying summer clothes, you might as well choose clothes made of ice-sensitive fabric, which can keep you dry and breathable in the hot summer and make you feel a more comfortable experience.