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Jiangmen jacquard fabric wholesale manufacturers choose Daxing zhenzhi quality assurance

Currently many clothing or bedding are used to jacquard fabric, as its audience continues to improve, now the basic home work clothing stores can see jacquard fabric, although jacquard fabric is very popular but really understand it is not a lot of people actually, these fabrics have what advantages? Daxing zhenzhi will take you to find out.

1, multi-color jacquard and monochrome jacquard is relatively speaking, it will choose more than 2 kinds of color rendering, fabric color is extremely rich and will not be monotonous with monochrome jacquard, monochrome or multi-color can be selected according to their preferences.

2, jacquard fabric are very process after weaving, so the fabric color and pattern will be very rich, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum or birds and animals can be drawn, the key is that the fabric surface and with a little stand body feeling, jacquard fabric woven into the bedding is not only comfortable and beautiful and generous, so that the whole room instantly become high-end and classy.

3, because the jacquard requirements of the fabric is extremely high, generally are used about 40S quality cotton, otherwise it is not woven the pattern and effect, this type of fabric is not easy to deformation and will not fade, use soft and breathable, workwear wearing experience is particularly great.

4, monochrome jacquard fabric surface delicate feel soft, whether it is the completion of the degree of luster or drape are particularly good, the same fabric dyeing fastness is high generally will not appear ballooning or color loss, fabric pattern level cleaning with a sense of station body.