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Zhongshan ice fabric wholesaler looking for Daxing Zhenzhi professional fabric production company

Cool feeling fabric is a unique process, so that the fabric has the function of rapidly diffusing body heat, accelerating sweat dissipation and reducing body temperature, and keeping the fabric cool and comfortable for a long time. This is the new innovation of sportswear and outdoor leisure clothing fabric. The cool feeling fabric will provide people with comfortable and environmental friendly clothes, ice feeling cool quality of life.

Cool feeling processed fabric is suitable for underwear fabric, shirt fabric, bedding fabric, casual series clothing fabric, various clothing fabric, home textile fabric, etc. The surface temperature of the textile after finishing cool feeling fabric is suitable, which makes people feel cool and comfortable. Cool feeling fabric also has excellent washing resistance.

Jiangmen Daxing Zhenzhi produces ice-sensitive fabrics with advanced technology. The cool feeling fabric regulates the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cool factor gives a cool and comfortable feeling to human skin. Daxing Knitting has more than 200 sets of various kinds of large circular machines and dyeing and finishing equipment, with automatic dyeing and finishing systems imported from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other countries, collecting the essence of efficient technology and equipment at home and abroad, providing a reliable guarantee for excellent quality and enterprise development.