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Guangdong plain weave fabric suppliers are assured to choose Daxing knitting quality and reliability

Plain fabric is a regular shirt fabric, and the market is still very competitive. What does plain fabric mean? The so-called plain fabric is the tissue structure of one up and one down form, and the surface looks flat. This kind of cloth is characterized by more interweaving points, firm texture, straight scraping, flat surface, light wear resistance and good breathability. High-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabrics.

Plain fabric is a generic term for cotton fabric with various specifications of plain fabric. It includes plain and plain variation of the organization, with different specifications and styles of various cotton plain fabrics. Such as: coarse plain cloth, medium plain cloth, fine plain cloth, yarn poplin, half-line poplin, full-line poplin, linen and pulling flannel plain cloth, etc.

Plain fabric can be used for pants, nurses' uniforms, medical uniforms and other work wear, as well as women's dresses and undershirts, etc. It is still very versatile.

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